With the blowing up of social media and with the world becoming truly borderless there has been a huge change in the way people connect with each other. And not only has this change been personal but also professional. It has changed how companies interact with their target marketing. In this world, where communication is accessible, how does one company make a deeper impact on the market? This is where consulting companies come into the picture. Consulting companies are organisations that help companies come up with a solid plan of action to help reach the companies final goal. Consulting companies usually specialise in a particular field or have sub divisions who do. Brands these days are trying to be number 1 and to reach the spot consulting companies play a major role. One of the most popular types of consultants is strategy consultants.

Strategy consulting company’s hep companies make high pressure decisions, tackle the issues in the company and help organize their resources so that they can get the maximum benefit. To help come up with a solid strategy these consultants go through a proper strategic management process. A strategic management process is the way a company organises its strategy. This strategy should be well-planned, continuous and adaptable to changes in the market. This process follows 5 distinct steps. The first is SWOT analysis. Here the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats of the company are discovered. Second is analysis. Here intensive research is done to find the information relevant to the growth and development of the company. Third is strategy formulation. Here the complete comprehensive plan is made keeping all the important aspects in mind. Fourth is strategy implementation. Here the plan is physically stated and starts taking effect. Last is strategy evaluation. Here the plan is evaluated after being in effect for a considerable period of time and changes are made accordingly.

The strategic management process used by strategy consulting companies is a very important step to lead a company on the stairway to success!



In today’s world, the opportunities are more, the money is more, technology is more and the competition is more. In this world, where there is so much to gain and so much to lose, companies have a hard time staying afloat in the market, never mind being successful. However, out of the hundreds of companies that established, a few end up standing out and doing well. How does this happen? Here, strategic consulting comes into the picture. Strategic consulting is the process where a brand takes help from a business consulting agency to help create a business plan to reach the end goals of the company. The strategic consulting process alters between different companies, depending on their individual goals and values. However all the plans follow a certain process and skeleton and the plan must be built on this skeleton.

Since there are so many business consulting agencies, one can get overwhelmed while choosing the right one. First thing to consider if you’re looking for a business consultant in Sydney or New York is their area of work. You should hire a consultant who has expertise or has a department who has expertise in your field. A department which specialises in your field will have an in depth understanding of your business. The second thing is their reputation. Make sure that the agency you choose has a good reputation in the market. Many of these agencies are in it only for the money and offer no real help, so make sure that you choose a place that has been recommended by your trusted friends and colleagues. Third, make sure that your agency fits within your budget and does not break the bank.

With all these points in mind, whether you’re choosing a business consultant in Sydney or New York, you will be able to choose one that fits and meets the needs of your company perfectly. A good consultant is  a ticket to success!


If you look at all the media around you, you will notice that there has in recent times been a change in the type of messages that are being sold. From targeting purely local market, now advertisements, TV shows and movies cater to a more global audience. This complete globalisation of culture, ideas and feelings has happened recently and been catapulted due to the unprecedented rise of the internet world. People all over the world have become a mix of cultures but with distinct differences. Though this intermixing is a great step it has created a huge target market issue with companies and brands. They not only need to cater to the local audience but also their global audience. This is where ethnic marketing comes into the picture.

Ethnic marketing is multi-cultural marketing that is made to meet the likes of more than one market at a time. Many companies have recently been looking into this time of marketing, be it companies that specialise in ethnic marketing in Australia or New York, companies have been trying to reach untapped demographics. In the process of an effective ethnic marketing strategy, it is important that the marketing agency understands the culture, traditions, language and religion of the market they are trying to reach. Thus every type of media that is then created thereafter will respect these differences and also try to integrate the tone and unique quality of the brand into the media seamlessly.

So if you’re company is looking to create a plan for ethnic marketing in Australia or Africa, it is important that they are able to create a plan that will cater to the local audience, which focuses only age old traditions and also to the new global audience that has come about with the new generations and new technology. So make sure to create an all-encompassing plan that will meet the local and global needs together!

Business Strategic Planning And How It Changes Your Company’s Future!

If you look at the world around you, you will realise that the market has become very uncertain. Even though the business market has never really been stable, with the world, trends and technology constantly changing, there is no guarantee as to what is in and what is out. In this tumultuous environment, companies have a hard time staying afloat and meeting the expectations of their target market. This is why many companies hire business consulting services. Business consulting services are firms that help brands with their business strategic planning and help them reach their company goal. For a company to reach their goal, it is essential that they have a clear and efficient plan and process. Business strategic planning usually varies according to the needs of the company but all of them follow a basic skeleton. So whether you’re looking for a company to help you with business strategic planning in Sydney or Mumbai, these are the steps that are crucial to the process.

The first step is creating the plan is to write down the business vision. This includes the purpose, goals and values of the company. Second, one must make clear the mission statement of the company. This includes what type of business it is and what products and services are being offered by the business. Third, one must list down the critical success factors that must be achieved by the business. Fourth, it is important to list down the business strategies. The business strategies must be prioritized to make clear which strategies require the most attention. Each strategy from PR to finance must be given an in-depth research time before it is finally drafted. Lastly, there must be a review done to make sure that the strategies implemented are working well and if not they must be altered. So the next time you’re looking for a company to help you with your business strategic planning in Sydney or New York, keep these points in mind. Choose wisely, this decision will change the course of your company!

Strategic Planning And How It Affects Success

With the amount of options we as humans get on a daily basis, there are many ways to approach a problem. Though there are many ways to reach this final solution, one path is usually the most effective – cost & implementation wise. How does one find that path? How does one use their resources in the best way to reach their final goal? This is where the strategic planning comes in. Strategic planning is the process through which an organization defines its strategy and goal and makes sure that all the future decisions they take are in line with this set strategy. Companies opt for strategic management firms when they are confused about what decision to make and need to get a clear outline for their planning process.

Your strategic management firm while creating your plan will complete these 2 broad steps – Formulation and Implementation. Formulation is the process in which your consultant comes up with the plan of action. They do this by assessing your resources and understanding the goals of your organization. The second process – Implementation is the process in which the plan takes a physical form and is actually carried out. The implementation process is an on-going process that always changes. If certain aspects of the plan are not working, the consultant can go and tweak it for better results. During the implementation process, the plan must always be reviewed to ensure success.

Strategic management services help many different types of businesses from financial corporations to advertising companies. While strategic planning, make sure you and your company answer the following 5 questions – Where am I? What is Important? What do I want to achieve? Who does that? How is it going?. These 5 questions allow you to create the broad outline within which you can incorporate more information. So the next time you’re wondering where to start your planning, follow this advice. A good plan is just a read away!

Business Consulting Services And The Role They Play In Your Business

These days more and more people are becoming entrepreneurs. With more opportunities in the market and ease with which people can connect to their target market, the business industry is booming. This has led to a lot of new businesses, be it a retail store or a financial corporation, to open up. But business comes with its risks. How does one make sure that they take calculated risks and work in a business that is profitable? This is where business consultancy services come in. Business consulting services helps a brand come up with a solid plan about their business that takes into account the resources and objectives of the company, makes a clear cut plan of action, and helps direct all the activities of the company help company’s reach their final goal.

Business consulting services can be of many types. Here are a few examples – engineering consultants, strategy consultants, HR consultants, process consultants, internet consultants, social media consultants, PR consultants, performance consultants, immigration consultants, information technology consultants, marketing consultants and much more. One has to take many things into account while choosing their business consultancy service. First, one has to make sure that the consultancy firm has a good reputation in the market. Always do your research beforehand and ask around about the firm you want to hire. Second, make sure that the firm you hire has a specialisation in the field of your company. This will help them get a better and deeper understanding about the needs of your organization. Third, make sure that the company you hire is in the business for the right reasons. There are many consulting agencies that do not care about your company but are in the business for the money. You have to make sure to hire a firm that holds a genuine interest in the growth and success of you and your company. So when you’re choosing your consultant make sure you keep these points in mind and choose a firm that will help you. Success is a just a consultancy firm away!

Consulting Services & How You Can Benefit From Them

In the past few years, there has been an unprecedented growth in the market. With advancement in technology and constant innovations, every company is trying to create something which has an edge so that they can get more consumers and secure their place in the market. This is where consultancy services come into the picture. A consulting service has a host of professional consultants who help your company create a plan of action and help your organize your resources to reach the goal. There are two types of consultants that will be offered by your consulting service – Internal and external. Internal consultants work on the inner workings of the company, while external consultants focus on everything including giving you advice on how to handle PR and customer relations.

Many people have reservations when it comes to hiring a consultancy service. They might think that these services provide no real value to the company and are just a waste of time and money. However, a consultancy service can help out in many ways. Firstly, they have better problem solving skills than you might have. Since they specialise in the field and have seen many companies through decision making processes, they know how to help you with any issues you might be having. Consulting services also help in providing you a different set of opinions, another perspective. They also work as mediators. Many companies during the times of mergers have a hard time letting go and are unwilling to make compromises. However, a consultant can help make these decisions in a way which is mutually beneficial for both parties. Lastly, a consultant will be able to help you if there is any problem with the image of your company. Sometimes, mistakes happen. In these situations, where you may not be able keep a level-head, your consultant will be able to address the public calmly and do damage control.

Thus, if you’re starting out a new company or are in the middle of a transition like a merger, hiring a consulting service is your best bet. Just remember to do your research!